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For all existing customers, ATAS renews the license for 2 weeks free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about anything at the turn of the year. And if you save money with the current promotion, you can start the new trading year even more relaxed!

5 + 1 Reasons to purchase an ATAS license

Functionality: A unique set of filters and indicators. Visual analysis of the order flows, cluster analysis, volume, market profiles, etc. ATAS is suitable for portfolio analyses and abitragetrading.

Visualization: 14 different chart types and 25 footprint modes

Convenience: Management of positions (via the DOM or directly from the chart).

Geography: The ability to analyze US markets, Europe, Russia (equities, futures) and crypto exchanges.

Quick and easy: The platform can connect to a variety of data feed providers and brokerage accounts.

Your advantage: When you purchase a promotional license, you are guaranteed to receive additional ATAS time and discounts, and you participate in free license and cashback draws.

Our promotions + coupon code with 5 – SXB9XJOF

It’s that simple!

The larger the license, the more
Discount and bonus time you get

2 sweepstakes

There will be 30 free raffles
Licenses up to 6 months and
10 cashbacks to €400

Only 2 weeks time

to create an action license with
Discounts and bonus time to buy

Only 800 licenses

Promotional licenses available only
the fastest come to the train

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