BID x ASK imbalance in ATAS explained

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BID x ASK Imbalance:

The fact that hardly any free information in German can be found on this topic shows that the content of this BLOGS represents a real added value. We hope you benefit from the information, learn new things and become part of the ATAS community.

As shown in the screenshot, ATAS offers the possibility to display the carried out trading volume in a special way: BID x ASK Imbalance.

What is Imbalance?

In the literal sense, imbalance means imbalance. BIDxASK Imbalance is not a trading system, but a way to read the volume in ATAS. It allows to measure the difference of executed market orders on BID and ASK via a percentage filter and thus to see more aggressive market participants.

This type of chart can be added to any system or an analysis approach to help you find buy or sell pressure.

Markets are thought to be driven by the positioning of institutional money. This can be seen by studying the large orders/volumes. The BIDxASK Imbalance Chart gives us the advantage of not positioning ourselves against the prevailing order flow.

How can the ATAS chart “Imbalance” help you?

As you can see in the chart, aggressive buyers are highlighted in green and sellers in the chart are highlighted in red. Accordingly, market reactions may re-enter these “aggressive” price levels.

The pre-recognized imbalance in a chart can help you to use the relevant prices where there was aggressive pressure from buyers or sellers to
and exits. These key areas show us the intention of aggressive market participants and their trading volume.

In a simpler way, you can see the prices at which the purchase or sales activity begins. Resetters to the relevant prices show here in the screenshot a clear reaction in favor of a bullish continuation.

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