Why is order flow so important?

ORDER FLOW BASICS: When it comes to order flow, many traders think of volume or time bars and sales and purchase signals. In reality, however, the order flow is much more than that – it [...]


Understanding the volume profile

The volume: What is the volume anyway? Without volume, the price would not move, because there would be no trading. The volume is the number of contracts traded in a given period, or at a certain [...]


BID x ASK imbalance in ATAS explained

BID x ASK Imbalance: The fact that hardly any free information in German can be found on this topic shows that the content of this BLOGS represents a real added value. We hope you benefit from [...]


The VWAP for the timing of your entries and exits!

What is the VWAP? VWAP is an abbreviation for Volume Weighted Average Price – you may already know that. What does this mean? It is basically the average or median price of the daily [...]


The Delta in ATAS explains

What is Delta? Delta is the net difference between the BID and ASK at any price (footprint delta), the respective bar (bar delta) or the whole day (cumulative delta). Delta is calculated by [...]