Professional volume trading with ATAS

ATAS is a professional trading and analysis software for order flow and volume trading. It offers many features for fast and convenient market evaluation: Time And Sales, Level II data (Depth of Market (DOM)), current and historical volume levels and much more. ATAS prepares raw order flow data to present it to the trader in an intuitive form. The range of functions includes outstanding filtering options as well as flexible as well as dynamic adjustment options. The platform’s analytical tools significantly enhance the information content of the raw market data, resulting in a comprehensive view of market activity and, as a result, improved trader performance.

OrderFlow Trading

Order flow trading is a method of trading that goes back to the early 1900s. The “tapereading strategy” required some effort to master it. It provides what traders call “market-generated information.” Information that is both precise and predictive and transparent to 100. ATAS can put this information directly into the chart and filter it.

The “Big Money”

“Big Money” / “Smart Money” are relative terms that depend on the traded market and instrument. Big money includes: governments, commercial traders, institutions, banks, commercial banks and hedge funds. Essentially, “big money” is a trading measure that can create a market imbalance. By tracking down legal insider transactions through volume, you can detect trades and trends before the crowd does.


ATAS helps them to identify high interest from buyers and sellers at various price levels. Furthermore, these price levels serve as entry, support and resistance zones that lead to a significantly better “opportunity risk ratio” and minimize the initial risk of each trade. This information helps traders to define risk and liquidity on the basis of the same level of transparency that was previously only available at institutional level.


All indicators including candlestick charts (yes, the candlestick is an indicator) are a derivative of the order flow. Day trading based on traditional indicators will therefore always lead to late “after-the-fact” trends that require larger stops and give you less consistency in your trading; This is why professional traders trade with the order flow, or at least a combination of both with our trading software.


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