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Order flow and volume trading with ATAS

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the platform ATAS – Advanced Times & Sales. ATAS is the leading trading and analysis platform in order flow and volume trading. ATAS performs all the functions that order flow and volume traders need. There are no wishes left unfulfilled and there are a variety of tools and indicators that are especially available in ATAS. With this platform, you can no longer observe the markets from the outside, but from the inside – you can see the heart of the markets.

ATAS Orderflow Trading

An overview of the ATAS Trading Platform

Few private traders (retail traders) will know ATAS, but AMONG professional traders, hedge funds and prop shops, ATAS is very popular.

ATAS is the most professional trading and analysis platform for order flow and volume trading and offers many features for fast and convenient market evaluation: Time And Sales, Level II data (depth of market), current and historical volume levels.

ATAS prepares raw order flow data to present it to the trader in an intuitive form. The functionality of ATAS includes outstanding filtering and adjustment options. The platform’s analytical tools significantly enhance the information content of the raw market data, which can lead to a comprehensive view of market activity and subsequently to improved trader performance.

The top features include:

  • Smart Tape
  • Spread Tape
  • Tick Cluster
  • All Price
  • Smart DOM with HFT algorithm tracking, spoofing, etc.
  • Specially developed indicators, such as cluster search, big trades, etc.
  • Cluster charts with 25 footprint functions
  • Classic charting, but also special time units such as reversal, range, delta etc
  • DOM with completely freely configurable functions and design

Smart Tape

With the help of the Smart Tape, it is possible to analyze the real depth of market. For other platforms, this has not been possible since the end of 2009 due to the market-regulating change.

A market transaction of 100 contracts can be summarized in ATAS as a single transaction, as opposed to a normal order book, where 100 individual transactions may be represented.

ATAS has developed internal algorithms that make it possible to detect transactions in their original composition, as was the case in the old good times :).

In addition, the Smart Tape enables individual filters and adjustment options. So it is finally possible to see the transactions of large and small market participants in real time.

Iceberg orders can also be detected in this way.

The Smart Tape is a unique selling point of ATAS.

Screenshot of the ATAS software from the Smart Tape Order Book

The Smart Tape recombines pieced market transactions into the original market transaction.

Spread Tape

The Spread Tape allows you to see the trading volume based on Bid and Ask, which was handled in the course of a price movement.

This is very useful for analyzing the transaction behavior of other market participants as they approach a certain price level. In addition, you can also see the volume that has settled within the spread, as well as the cumulative delta (indicates whether buyer or seller predominate).

Screenshot of the spread tape of the ATAS Order Flow Trading Software

The Spread Tape allows you to see the trading volume based on Bid and Ask, which was handled in the course of a price movement.

Tick Cluster

The Tick Cluster is a different representation of the Spread Tape. The calculation is similar and the information is displayed in clusters. This makes it much easier to collect the information.

You have the opportunity to see the transactions of the other market participants that were executed with slippage and the traded volume of the current day and the Level 2 data.

Screenshot of the tick cluster of the ATAS OrderflowTrading software

Tick Cluster of ATAS Orderflowtrading Software

This innovative way of displaying makes it easier to collect information on trading volumes

All Price

This allows you to calculate the traded volume for any price. Price levels with maximum volume, Bid/Ask, Delta and Iceberg orders in the period can be identified in this way. These levels often form the basis of many volume traders.

ATAS Screenshot of All Price Order Flow Trading Software

With this module you can calculate the traded volume for any price

Smart DOM

The biggest enemies of order flow traders are algorithms, especially the HFTs (high frequency algorithms). The Smart Dome was developed by ATAS specifically to detect and analyze such algorithms. This tool is also a unique selling point of ATAS.

With this tool, the following features are available:

  • Showing large transactions
  • Finding Iceberg or DND – Do Not Display Transactions
  • Detecting unauthorized activity of spoofing algorithms
  • Absorbing Limit Orders
  • Change of limit orders in real time

Screenshot of the Smart DOM module of THE ATAS Orderflow Trading Software

The Smart DOM is designed to detect and analyze high-frequency algorithms (HFTs).

Charting & Indicators


ATAS has a wide range of products and offers several chart types.

The chart types are as follows:

  • Bars
  • Candles
  • Transparent Candes
  • Line Chart
  • Cluster
  • Market Profile
  • Range
  • Delta
  • Renko
  • Seconds
  • Tick
  • Volume
  • Btk

It also has all the popular drawing tools such as trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, ray, channel, etc. You can also have the Market Profile individually drawn for only certain areas and analyze the volume horizontally and vertically.

The platform can be configured as you like.

In addition, there is the possibility to cluster the data. What does that mean? Each candlestick can be viewed from “inside”. You can see the volume, bids/asks and deltas per candlestick and price.

Order Flow and Volume Indicators – ATAS Goes One Step Further

In addition to all common indicators such as Bollinger bands, SMA, Stochastic, etc., there are also indicators specially developed by ATAS. These are the next unique selling point. A wealth of innovative indicators allows the conversion of complex order flow and volume data into a simple and clear visual representation. While ATAS performs complex computing tasks in the background, the software in the platform displays the data in a clear and comprehensible way.

The indicators specifically developed by ATAS are as follows:

  • Cluster Search
  • Dynamic Levels
  • Maximum Levels
  • Big Trades
  • Market Power
  • Multi Market Powers
  • Order Flow Indicator
  • Speed of Tape
  • Spread Volume Indicator
  • Tape Patterns
  • RT Indicator

All indicators have a variety of settings and parameters.

Cluster Search

This allows large volume inflows (total, bid&ask, delta, time and trades) to be displayed in the cluster. An extremely helpful indicator.

Screenshot of the volume inflows cluster of ATAS Orderflowtrading Software

The cluster can be used to display large volume inflows in clusters.

Dynamic Levels

This indicator shows the value areas as well as dynamic levels. You can use it to show the displacement of the maximum volume in a given period of time.

Maximum Levels

With the help of the maximum levels you can display the prices at which the maximum volume was traded.

Big Trades

This indicator is absolutely awesome and unique. The Big Trades indicator allows to identify large executed market orders. The orders are merged based on the original timestamp.

ATAS Order Flow Trading Screenshot of Big Trades

The Big Trades indicator allows to identify large executed market orders.

Market Power

Allows, for example, to see which groups position themselves as in the market. This may look like, for example, traders of 1 to 5 contracts going more short and participants of 20 contracts and more rather long. This is freely configurable. It is therefore possible to separate small and large market participants.

Multi Market Powers

Multi Market Powers allows you to simultaneously display multiple  Market Power indicators in one window.

Order Flow Indicator

The indicator shows the order flow directly in the chart.

Speed of Tape

With the Speed of Tape indicator you can see changes in the speeds of time & sales in the chart.

Spread Volume Indicator

The way it works is like the spread tape, only that it is displayed in the chart.

Tape Patterns

The indicator is used to process and filter the “raw” order data that flows into the market.

RT Indicator

The RT Indicator complicates the range (size) and the trend (direction) of the market, with the help of which reversal zones can be identified.


You have all the tools you need as a trader here. The order entry can be done in  the Smart DOM and in the Chart Trader. With the Chart Trader you can trade from the chart and also over the panel next to the chart.

In addition, there is the possibility to automate the exit. This feature is available in both Smart DOM and Chart Trader. In addition to setting Stop Loss and Take Profit, there is also the possibility to set conditions according to which the stop is automatically followed.

Brokers & Data Feeds

ATAS can be used with all major brokers and data feeds.


The support is very competent and fast. Support can be contacted via email, Skype or Facebook. There is also a detailed manual and many videos on the Internet. There is also a special team responsible for support in Germany.


On the one hand, there is the possibility to rent the platform as well as to purchase a Lifetime version.

There are four ways to rent the platform:

  • Monthly at the price of €74
  • Three months at the price of €195
  • Six Months of €330
  • One-year € 540

The Lifetime version costs a one-time price of €1,990.

If you look at the other platforms in the area and the prices, you will quickly notice that you get an excellent price/performance ratio here.


Anyone who wants to conduct professional order flow and volume trading cannot get past ATAS. Because of the tools and indicators developed specifically by ATAS, ATAS makes the competition look old.

This provides an excellent price/performance ratio and by far the most comprehensive order and volume trading platform available on the market.

With the use of the software alone, one will already have a certain trading advantage (edge) in the market and thus increases the probability of being able to increase one’s own performance once again.

The ATAS trading platform can also be tested including data feed for 14 days.

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