The Footprint: Caught big players on fresh action

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You may have heard that trading is complex, the footprint is complicated, and financial markets are only designed for sharks with large capital and the best trading algorithms. The truth is, if you focus only on the complexity of the task, you will hardly be able to solve it. Sometimes a complex thing can be very interesting if you look at it from a different angle. The footprint – The footprint.

It was a long time ago when the One Stop store in the British city of Whitnash was robbed. The robbers took all the money and lottery tickets with them, but the frightened shopkeeper did not have to wait long for justice.

Unfortunately, snow fell that night, and their footprints brought the police officers directly to the robbers’ hideout. As a result, all six criminals were arrested.

Every day, millions of retailers “steal” money from millions of retailers in every tradable market. They have no idea and lose their balance if they do not know what institutional traders are doing. We can assure you that your footprints will lead you directly to profit.

In this article:

  • What are the traces of the institutional actors?
  • Not just a footprint, but a signature
  • The road to stable success
  • Help in decision-making
  • Take the profit before they run away.

What are the traces of the institutional actors?

If you had even for a second felt as if you had managed to completely cover your tracks, think again and imagine that you are a criminal leaving the crime scene. Note that the modern technologies that law enforcement can use to detect and identify footprints are simply incredible.

The same applies to modern markets. While millions of retailers watch bars or Japanese candlesticks rely ingenuities on unreliable signals from rushing indicators, institutional actors are profiting and driving away with the stolen car, the so-called market.

However, their secret hope of going unnoticed is fading as every position and intent they take is now available for your analysis in real time. This information is provided in the form of a market footprint in the trading and analysis platform ATAS .

Not just a footprint, but a signature

Imagine you are an investigator, and you have found evidence that fully proves the criminal’s guilt, with the date and place of the crime.

Believe it or not, institutional actors leave this information a second after they have taken a position in the market. The more aggressive your position is, the more information you have for analysis. Evidence found in every ATAS footprint chart will take you to profitable trades.

Footprint bid x ask imbalance
E-Mini S&P500 Future (Ticker: ES). The “Bid x Ask Imbalance” footprint chart and the cluster statistics indicator.
Footprint Delta
E-Mini S&P500 Future (Ticker: ES). The Footprint Chart Bid x Ask and the Delta and Volume displays.

As you could see, two variants of the footprint chart of the trading and analysis platform ATAS were enough to shed light on many useful details:

  • Winners and losers: The final result is reflected in the delta after each market auction (bar or candle) between the winning party and the losing party has been completed.
  • Aggressive actions: the market positions of buyers or sellers with the aim of moving the price in a certain direction;
  • Favorable conditions: The moments when prices become too cheap or too expensive create favorable conditions for the reversal movement.
  • Forced confrontation: The large positions, which include thousands of contracts, create the price levels (margins) that would be examined by the price after some time;
  • Conflict center: the crime scene where most of the volume was traded.

The road to stable success

You can use the ATAS platform and footprints to identify:

  • precise entry points: locations of executed trades by signals that give you the assurance that you have entered the market shortly before one or the other price movement and not afterwards;
  • Closing signals: the signs of price movement against you if you had to make a decision on closing your position due to aggressive movements triggered by institutional actors;
  • Dynamic Stop Losses: a way to move a stop loss after market movement to secure profit while actively managing positions.

Even half of this information gives you an enormous advantage over 95 of the retail retailers on the market – besides, this is only a very small part of what we offer you with ATAS.

Help in decision-making

Initially, the information in the footprints may seem cluttered and even complex. However, if you practice them regularly, you will learn to assess the current market situation as an experienced “investigator” quickly and effectively.

The analysis of the latest information contained in each bar, candlestick and market directly influences your trading decision. You can actively monitor the current market situation in real time instead of waiting for poor quality signals pointing to the lagging indicators, as the majority of retailers do.

This would allow you to find and control the locations of trades or manage the risk. These are the two most important elements that are constantly and successfully used by institutional traders in their trading.

Don’t overload yourself with analysis. Study the footprint step by step, put the acquired knowledge into practice and take advantage of all the benefits it offers you.

Take the profit with you before they run away

Investigations of the traces at the crime scene are carried out worldwide. And despite all the efforts of criminals to cover their tracks, professional investigations lead to them being caught.

Before you execute a trade, monitor the process of future strong market movements by institutional traders. Watch a battle of institutional traders in the ATAS platform unfold before your eyes and trade on the winners’ side.

Follow the delta indicator values – the final result of each market auction. Follow the imbalances that occur that show who took the initiative. Use the Commitments Of Traders (COT) as a reference point for price ranges with the largest concentration of trading volume (not to be confused with the COT Report). You can also use the Point of Control (POC) of the volume profile that we discussed in this article to determine the maximum volume ranges for any period of time.

Take advantage of the market with the reliable, advanced and efficient analysis tool, the footprint of the at-a-for-an-a-group trading and analytics platform ATAS, while the other retailers are desperately waiting for the rushing indicator signals and passively watching, how the price bounces off them.

We hope that the information in this article was of interest to you. In our blog, we have already published materials in which we have dealt with the topic of footprint. We recommend you to read the following articles if you want to study this topic in more detail: Bid x Ask Imbalance explained in ATAS, The DELTA explained in ATAS, The use of the footprint chart on the FDAX and why the order flow is so important.

Have fun acting!

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